About us

The Croutique Story

As ExpatWoman.com, we’ve been working closely with the handmade, homemade and boutique community since 2004. We were the pioneers of the craft fair scene by holding our annual Christmas Craft Fair, starting from small beginnings in school halls, then progressing to hotel ballrooms, to today, where our Festive Family Fair is the largest community event in Dubai, with over 10,000 visitors attending every year.

We know that our crafters get some of their best sales results of the year from being at one of our events. So now it’s time for us to translate this into the virtual world and enable crafters, designers and boutique owners to feature their amazing products, 24/7 to the largest community website audience in the UAE.

We’ve always supported women in following their dreams and now we’ve given them a special place to be able to sell their wares online.

Croutique is the go to place for home makers, artists, fashion designers, crafters, boutique owners and more, to showcase their creativity and for shoppers to buy bespoke, quirky, individual and unusual gifts and wares.