Artwork Dubai Hamsa (Hand of Fatima)


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The Hamsa Dubai is available in a variety of colours
This Artwork is printed on Textured art paper, mounted and framed. Please select the frame size you would like.
The Frame is available in two colours
Make your Hamsa personal by adding your own words. They will be written around the Hamsa palm outline
Personal Words in the corner
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Minimum quantity for "Artwork Dubai Hamsa (Hand of Fatima)" is 1.

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We love to doodle, sketch and paint. In fact, we have mastered the art of creating an enormous mess, tinkering and finally turning the mess into something we are proud to call ours.
After numerous sketches were scribbled over, re-drawn and scrunched up, the first piece of our Dxb collection was complete.
The Hamsa (Hand of Fatima) is an ancient symbol. We have borrowed its simple beautiful outline as a frame for our Dubai doodles. This is our Dubai… places that remind us of fun times.
There is nothing better than making someone smile so we would be really happy if our designs make you smile.
Everyone's tastes and spaces are different, so this design is available in a range of colours and sizes.
It is printed on textured art paper, mounted and framed.
The frame can sit on a surface or be hung on the wall.
Perfect to take home or gift for someone else’s home.
* DELIVERY - As we are only a teeny weeny venture and all the products are handmade. Pretty please allow 7 days for delivery. Huge thanks!