Back To School - DIY Chore & Routine Charts

22 Aug 2017
by Tory Wooler


September is fast approaching, and we know what that means? Time to get the little ones into a school routine. Teaching your children the value of money, the importance of homework, chores, and keeping the house cleen seems almost impossible. We want to help you feel organised and find a system that works for your home, so we've collected some of our favourite DIY charts to put the fun into chores!

  • Sticks in a Jar

Not your typical "chart" however, certainly a creative take on one. Each jar has their equal number of sticks (chores) for "must-do" and "can-do" chores, all with corresponding colour coordination. The "must-do" chores have to be done every day, whilst the "can-do" chores must be done at least once a week. Once a chore is complete, flip the stick around to reveal a star!


  • Clothespin Chart

Self explanatory with regards to how it works, right? Creative to do and easy to maintain, this little wooden chart can be customised to your little ones favourite colours and hung on their bedroom door as their daily reminder.


  • Routine Clock

Create structure in the house with your customised back-to-school clock. Get the kids to colour code the time frames for each session with their favourite colours, along side marking up a quick colour sheet to refer to - et voilĂ !


  • Printerable Chart

You can find plenty of downloadable designs online, or if you're feeling creative why not design your own? Print out your design and place in a frame for decoration!


  • Money Chart

Pocket money? No problem! If you want your child to earn their cash whilst getting a better understanding for money, this chart is for you. Once their chore is complete, award them with a pre-filled envelope with the cash inside.


  • Magnetic Chore Tracker

This idea is perfect if you have more than child and adds some fun to their every day routine. Grab yourself a magnetic chalkboard, fun magnets, chalk markers and away you go! Draw your race track, stopping points featuring different chores, and finally the finish line.