DIY Trends: August Must-Do's

07 Aug 2017
by Tory Wooler


Happy August to you! This year seems to be slipping by very quickly already, but don't fear, Summer isn't over just yet. With September's 'Back to school' period coming up, we wanted to give you some fun DIY projects to check out before the school run is back in motion. From funky modern clocks and mobile hangings, to statement plates and sequin wrapped baskets - finish your summer off with our colourful August "must-do's".

  • Gold Hoop Mobile

Add height and visual interest to your room with a modern gold hooped Mobile. This orbed statement piece would be perfect for hanging over a bedside table or an addition to your living room.


Tutorial: A Kailo Chic Life

  • Statement Printed Plates

The beauty of these plates is that it really doesn't take too much of your time, or creative ability. Just make sure you hand wash these beauties and don't pop in the dishwasher!


Tutorial: Sugar & Cloth

  • Colour Block Wall Clock

That's a nice tongue twister for you! This modern looking clock could pass off for something you'd find in a high-end home Decor store. The beauty of it is, you can buy the materials cheaply, assemble it easily and it looks chic and expensive.


Tutorial: Sarah Hearts

  • Platter Painted Server

Colourful, simple and effective. This gorgeous splatted paint tray enhances your average wooden board into a colourful display, perfect for parties and occasions.


Tutorial: A Kailo Chic Life

  • Sequin Wrap Baskets

Pimp your ordinary baskets with a trim of sequin. Super easy, quick, cheap and requires no creative skill at all to re-create these baskets of fun.


Tutorial: Fall for DIY

  • Colourful Floor Pillows

These colourful delights are perfect for game night, parties or movie nights at home. These colourful puffs do take a bit of focus, so follow instructions carefully - but it's totally worth the effort!


Tutorial: Lovely Indeed

  • Pom Pom Notebooks

Don't settle for boring stationary! Create your own colourful notebooks with funky wallpaper, left over ribbon and pom poms.


Tutorial: Design Improvise