DIY Trend: Gemstone Soap

23 Jul 2017
by Tory Wooler


This seasons new DIY trend has hit the shelves (bathroom shelves, to be exact) and we're loving the fun creations popping up on the internet. Like any new DIY trend, there are hundreds of tutorials and styles, so we've compiled our favourite colour combos and their recipes for you to explore. These colourful goodies are a great gift, party favour or something for your own bathroom. Buying these soaps online could cost you roughly 22 Dirhams a pop, so if you're a keen crafty-trend follower, get stuck into this and save your pennies!

What you need:

  • Clear soap base
  • Opaque soap base
  • Cosmetic Grade Mica Dyes
  • Silicone Bar mold
  • Essential Oils *Vanilla can yellow the soap, so if you're going for a clear "gem", opt for another scent.
  • Cutting board
  • Non-serrated Knife
  • Microwave
  • Stir sticks

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