DIY Trends: Everything Unicorn

23 Aug 2017
by Tory Wooler


Colourful, glittery, and down right adorable. We have officially hit the peak of the unicorn trend - the top of a magical rainbow, where the clouds are made of cotton candy and it rains glitter. From pool floats to phone cases, Starbucks coffee to unicorn bagels - we would be lying if we didn't love every part of it.

We want to hop on this Unicorn trend and found some adorable crafty ideas for you to try. So if you're as mad for the unicorn as we are, get your crafting apron on and dig into this...

  • Unicorn Sugar Scrubs

These adorable colour scrubs are all natural, made from shea butter, lavender and apricot oil (and more...) They make perfect gifts for a unicorn lover and don't take much time to create either.


Directions: A Beautiful Mess

  • Unicorn Planter

This planter would make a perfect addition to a girly bedroom, or desk. Refurbish a plain white planter and glitter that baby up to create this cutie.


Directions: Best Friends for Frosting

  • Unicorn Sleeping Masks

The perfect slumber party accessory for your little girl and her friends. These no sew DIY masks are great to make at the party, fun to use in the evening and something for the guests to take home.


Directions: Birds Party

  • Unicorn Headbands

We want to be wearing one of these, all day, every day.


Directions: DIY Inspired

  • Mini Unicorn Pinata

What little girl wouldn't want one of these at their next party?! This colourful addition is sure to put a smile on their faces.


Directions: Hello, Wonderful

  • Unicorn Donut Necklace

This is what happens when you mix two of your favourite things together. Presenting, the cutest DIY necklace!


Directions: The Tiny Honeycomb

  • Unicorn Pillow

No room is complete without one!


Directions: Madmoisell

  • Unicorn Baubles

Why should unicorns not be on a Christmas tree? They're glittery, cheery and cute. Why not make this bauble an addition to your Christmas tree this year.


Directions: Posh Little Designs