5 Budget Friendly Steps to Good Product Images

02 Aug 2017
by Tory Wooler


If there's one thing true when it comes to selling online - first impressions count. The perceived value of your product and trustworthiness of your store is often judged by the quality of the images.

Organising a product photo shoot can be an intimidating and expensive task. So, we've come up with some budget friendly steps to taking your own images. You don't need to spend thousands to get the results!

1. Camera

You don't need to fork out a small fortune on a fancy camera, most smart phones come equipped with great cameras. Although, if you have the budget to stretch on a camera - why not! You can save some pennies and buy a camera second hand, these come at a fraction of the high-street price.


2. Background

Keep your background as plain as possible. It's easy to over complicate the image, leaving it looking muddled and distract from the star product. The best practice for product photography, is using a clear white back drop. You can buy sheets of white roll up poster board from most craft stores, and it will only cost you a couple of Dirhams. Look for pure white, as off-white or cream can make the image difficult to edit later on.


3. Lighting

This is crucial to get right when taking product photography. Finding the right lighting will ensure your product is shown in the best way possible, there are no awkward shadows and the colouring is true to the item. We recommend a Light Box kit, which can be purchased easily from Souq, ranging from 120 - 500 AED depending on your requirements. Most light kits come equipped with LED lighting, coloured back drops and are available in many sizes.


4. Tripod / Positioning

If you're working with a camera, we advise you to use a tripod to ensure the best quality image possible. Working with a tripod, allows you to obtain consistent and focused images. If you're working with a smart phone, you can purchase small compact tripods that can easily be placed on a table as you shoot your images. Both forms of tripod can be purchased cheaply online- after doing a quick search we found some starting from only 28 AED!


5. Editing

It's easy to over edit images and is essential you find a gentle balance of, sharpness, contrast and colour enhancement. If you're working on a Mac you will find Fotor Photo Editor - an easy to use, ready downloaded software that has plenty of tricks to help enhance your image. If your on another computer, you can easily find free editing websites online.


By having these 5 elements, you now have all you need to get started to create beautiful images. By taking the time and effort to present your product, it helps the customer know exactly what they're buying, assists marketing and helps push sales. Happy shooting!