Croutique Seller Interview with Jan D'Sa

05 Dec 2016
by Tory Wooler

Tell us about you...

My name is Jan D'Sa. I grew up in Abu Dhabi and now live in Dubai. Though I have a technical background, I am also creative, thanks to my artistic family. My mum is an artist and musician, my dad comes from a musician family. So my siblings and I ended up being musicians and artists of sorts. Currently, I run my own communications consulting business and love events reporting and blogging too.


Top Picks: Home Decor

24 Nov 2016
by Tory Wooler


Find these items on croutique Home Style page

Snap to Sell: How to Take Good Product Images

14 Nov 2016
by Tory Wooler


When selling items online, the quality of your images really do affect the success of your online shop!

Clean and attractive photos make a huge impact on the buyer becuase It’s the first thing customers see, it assists the decision for buying, and over all it makes a good impression on your shop if the images look uniform and presentable.

Feeling Festive with Expatwoman

13 Nov 2016
by Tory Wooler


Each year the Expatwoman Family Festive Fair never fails to get you into the Christmas spirit! From friendly crafters selling unique handmade items, to the Christmas parade and plenty of prize giveaways- the Festive Fair has something for everyone.

This year was extra special for the Croutique team, not only was it our first Festive Fair, but it was our official launch of the website!

Decoupage Wooden Heart Tutorial

06 Nov 2016
by Tory Wooler

Scrappy Doo Fripperies & Ephemera shared her tutorial with us on how to make a lovely decoupage wooden heart using the fun napkin decoupage technique.

Scrappy Doo Fripperies & Ephemera shared her tutorial with us on how to make a lovely decoupage wooden heart using the fun napkin decoupage technique. I'm loving napkin decoupage at the moment... The results are amazing and it's much quicker than doing an album so nice to have a little break! I'd got a plain wooden heart from Cuddly Buddly and had been wondering what to do with it... So today it was decoupage time!

What you will need...

  • Blank wooden heart
  • Stain or paint
  • Patterned napkin
  • Decoupage napkin glue
  • Brush- I use a rubber tip one
  • Soft cloth
  • Ribbon

First of all I sanded the heart to make sure it was smooth and here's what it looked like blank


Craft Lessons & Craft Clubs in Dubai

06 Nov 2016
by Tory Wooler

Whether you're a crafty old hand or looking to start a new craft hobby it's great to find different places you can take lessons and tutorials in your chosen art, or to join a club so you can get social with it too. Crafting can be lonely sometimes! So here we take a look at where in Dubai you can learn a new craft skill or join a club.

Book Binding Workshops By Michelle


The workshop will start with a discussion on how to choose the right paper in terms of grain and weight. We will then go on to making a small book with a folded cover and learn the basics of hand embossing.

Lastly, we will create a hard back book using the French Link stitch.

All materials supplied, however, please bring with you the following tools: A cutting mat, a sharp scalpel/cutting knife, scissors, a metal ruler. AED100, to sign up please contact :

[email protected]

Try Something New - Quilting

06 Nov 2016
by Tory Wooler


When I had first moved to the USA, I struggled to meet new friends, it was school summer holidays, and all the school-mum type things were on hold for the break. I got really fed up, and one day went for a browse in the fabric store, the shop assistant said she had just the thing… Quilt In A Day. It was a book actually, (Eleanor Burns) with step by step instructions on how to make a very easy log cabin quilt, made using strips of fabric, machine sewn together alternately. I was very taken with the history or folklore of Log Cabin quilts

During the 19th century when Americans were traveling to the western portion of the United States a new family would arrive at a settlement, and all the menfolk would build a house for this family, whilst the women would piece together a quilt. The Log Cabin design came to be a cherished part of daily life. It represents home, warmth, love and security. The centre square traditionally is red or yellow, and is a representation of the hearth of this log cabin home that was being built on the prairie. You then make up the quilt using three light colours and three dark colours, the light ones representing the lighter things in life, the births, the marriages, the happiness in that home, while the dark strips indicate the darker side of living, the hardship involved in the farming and prairie life, the deaths, illness and sorrow. Together these simple fabric strips are stitched in a precise manner to form a complete picture to those who understand what the materials represent. According to the experts the earliest example of an American Log Cabin quilt that still exists was originally created in 1869.