Spooooky Halloween DIY's

26 Sep 2017
by Tory Wooler


Looking for the most SpookTACULAR ways to decorate your home this Halloween? These do-it-yourself projects are so much fun, you'll be cackling your way to show-stopping, creepy decor! From bleeding candles, to floating hats... we've got plenty of halloween inspo for you this October!


  • Bleeding Candles

Transform cheap candles into bleeding decorations and set the tone for a creepy evening.

All you need is: Red & White candles - different sizes / Push pins / Black screws / Newspaper

Cover your work space with newspaper (this can get messy!) and heat up your red candle. Whilst it is heating up, start by pressing the screws and pins into the white candle. Drip the red wax over the top of your white candle and the pins to make it look like it's gushing with blood. *Caution, the wax is hot so handle with care! Leave your blood dripped beauties to dry before moving.


  • Head in a Jar

Give last years Halloween mask some use this year! Recreate this head in a jar and place it in the kitchen, or table to freak your guests out.

What you need: Mask - old Witch mask will do the trick! / Large glass jar / Green food dye.

Place your mask into the jar and fill to the top with water. Add the green food dye and pop the lid on the jar. Give it a good shake and watch the water turn a gross green!


  • Tape Ghosts

These DIY tape ghosts are great decor ideas for the house or garden. Add an LED light underneath and you're sure to amaze and freak your guests out! This DIY may take a little bit of time and commitment, depending on how far you wish to go. You can always opt for an arm and hand only, and have it poking out of the floor/grass... or you could go all out and try full body! View a simple tutorial here.


  • Floating Hats

This DIY is simple and fun to do for both inside and outside the house. Learn how to do it here.

All you need: Fishing Line / Needle / Safety pins / Witches hats / Glow in the dark sticks (optional)


  • Easy Craft Tube Candles

Save the toilet role for this one! These creepy candles are cheap and easy to do, and will create a touch of drama to your home and you wont need to worry about keeping candles lit.

What you need: Toilet rolls / Battery Tea Light Candles / Hot Glue Gun / Black Enamel Paint & brush

Firstly heat your glue gun and place a ring of glue around the outside of the tea light, then place inside the roll. Make sure the candle flame is the only thing that sticks out! Create drops of hot glue with the gun, around the outer edge of the role from the top down - this is to make it look like the candle is melting. Once the glue is fully dry, cover the entire role from top to bottom in paint - excluding the flame...and there you have it!


  • Eyeball Wreath

Spook your guests from the start with this eyeball infested wreath. They're watching you...

Follow the step-by-step instructions here.

What you will need: Wreath Form / Black paint / Black feather boa / White pingpong balls / Pen colours - black, green, blue and red / floral pins


  • Crashed Witch

Don't text and fly! Re-create this fun Witch on your front or back door using an old laundry basket.

Supplies needed: There's quite a few... take a browse at this tutorial.

Happy Halloween from the Croutique Team!