Summer Staples | The Fashion Edit

28 Aug 2017
by Tory Wooler


Summer is a never-ending season especially when it comes to living in the Gulf and the United Arab Emirates particularly. Not that we mind it as long as we can still feel and look good with negligence to the heat of course!

A Summer wardrobe is always fun to shop for, well at least, easier than shopping for winter since you need less items to layer up with. It probably costs less shopping for Summer too (depends on your taste and budget).

Read along to learn more about the top summer must haves.

P.S. It’s never too late to shop for any of these items, in case your wardrobe is missing them.

1. Sunglasses/Shades

If not the most important staple, then should certainly be a priority! You can’t deal with the summer without them any way! Sunglasses are definitely a big fuss. Be it the eye shield, brow-bar, translucent, geometric, round, oval cat-eye, aviator, reflective, retro or mirror pair of sunglasses, go for it and wear it…As long as it doesn’t make your eyebrows look awkward or nose big! Add a pop of colour to your lips and Voilà, you’ve won yourself the bold, glam summer face.

Image courtesy: RayBan

2. Summer Shorts

That’s probably the most essential summer piece for your day out, night out or even beach day out! Ripped, coloured, denim or patched, they’re a basic summer necessity. With patched pants and shorts trending, you can simply make your own patched shorts at home or shop them ready made. No limits to getting creative with them!


Image courtesy: Zara

3. Funky Beach Bags

Straw bags, bucket bugs, thread embroidered or even pompom and tassel beach bags are all winners for the season! It’s all about your choice or how you wish to mix and match the latter elements.


Image courtesy: Croutique / shop here

4. Body Suits

Body suits are a major trend alert this summer for either a glamorous sexy show Instagram shot or a short and wet swim, we definitely added them to our list! Most body suits come in swim wear material while others are metallic, colourful and stretchy ready wear; either way, you can still manage to look chic and hot during the day or night. Wear your day suit with fun and colourful sandals and your night piece with a strap pair of heels.


Image courtesy: Pull & Bear

5. Kaftan/Robe

No beach outfit is complete without a kaftan on top. For most of us, replacing the shorts and top with a long or short kaftan comes handy. Beach vibes and even photos are more fun when you’re dressed in a loose overdress. Pompoms hanging from the sleeves or tassels dancing off the dress bottom or even a hole mesh garment: A picture perfect over beach or swimwear dress.


Image courtesy: Croutique / shop here

6. Beach Hat

If it were up to us, we’d vote the visor as winner of the summer hats, whether transparent (see-through) or straw. Not that the classic fedora, boater or panama are out of style. We recommend you get your beach hat ASAP and even customise it with either a quote or name as inspired from your favourite Instagram bloggers. Some of you would still like to fit into their baseball snapback for a cool yet less protective look….


Image courtesy: ASOS

7. Sandals/Flip Flops

Pompoms, tassels, knots, coins, gladiators and more, a pair a bit more fun than your simple Havainas or Ipanemas. If you’re aiming for a stylish yet not so comfy beach look then you’ll need yourself a fun and colorful pair of sandals that may not cost you so little (it’s all worth it though). Otherwise, if you’re not really into the ‘shop my beach look’ and jump straight into the water kind of gal, go with your typical flip-flops.


Image courtesy: Pinterest

8. Off Shoulder Top/Dress

A garment you cannot miss out on having! If it wasn’t for this trend, we wouldn’t be flaunting our collar bones and shoulders or even fun bell sleeves. The famous off-shoulder or also known as a ‘gypsy’ shirt is a must buy this season! Available in so many colours and even patterns or prints selected pieces come in crop cuts, sleeveless and others with long sleeves called ‘bell’ sleeves.

Dresses are also created following the same form but with the purpose of saving you the hassle of wearing pants or shorts. You can choose to wear your off-shoulder top or dress depending on your occasion or time of day! How ever you wear it, make sure you match the right pair of earrings and keep your hair off your shoulders.


Image courtesy: SIVVI