3 Shades of Grey Beach Towel by Koala / Bamboo Towel / Beach Towel / 100% Natural / Tie-Dye


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3 Shades of Grey

190cm x 90cm

50% Bamboo 50% Cotton

Travel and sunbathe in style with more than just '3 Shades of Grey'. This beach towel doubles up to be a scarf on those cold winter nights. With all this versatility, what more could we ask for?

It's made from a mix of bamboo and premium quality, organic cotton, giving it a luxurious and soft feel. Each one is tie-dyed by hand, making every piece one of a kind, and the most unique towel in our collection.

It is recommended to soak this towel in cold water before use to avoid color transfer. Soaking Koala towels in advance also breaks in the natural fibers making them more absorbent for future use. We only use non-toxic dyes on all our tie-dyed towels.