PhytoPicture from preserved moss "Square"


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We bring eco design to you.

Phyto picture made from stabilized moss is a bright and vibrant corner of nature in your interior. Stabilized moss is a natural moss in which, as a result of a special treatment, the natural juice is replaced with a special solution based on glycerol. Thanks to special processing, moss at least 3-5 years retains its softness, freshness and bright color.

In order for the stabilized moss to please natural freshness for as long as possible, it is necessary to observe several simple rules for handling it:
Avoid water and do not store them in rooms with high humidity. The optimum range of humidity is 60-80%.
Excessive dryness of the premises and direct sunlight should be avoided to prevent premature drying of plants.

Why You choose a picture from moss:
It does not require watering for maintaining its color, shape and shade.
It does not fade, it does not require special lighting.
It protected against fungi and diseases.
It does not require maintenance and time for transplant, cleaning.
It hypoallergenic, safe for children and animals.
It’s a good idea for a present for anyone.
It helps you to refresh an interior.