Rare Find Cards - 3 pack (Selection C)


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We love to doodle, sketch and paint. In fact, we have mastered the art of creating an enormous mess, tinkering and finally turning the mess into something we are proud to call ours.
We do like a laugh and giving others something to make them smile.
These are just some of the squillions of cards we have designed over the years.
Each one was designed for either a friend or family member.
The designs are printed on gorgeous paper, card included.
Inside the card is blank, because we always like to hand write a personal, usually silly, message in our cards (and we have no idea who you are giving the card to or what you want to say).
If you cannot find a design or theme that fits, please do get in touch or look on our Facebook page, RarefindDxb. We can add any of those designs to this page for order.
Many thanks.
Happy Shopping!