English-Arabic initials cufflinks


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Initials silver plated
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This listing is for one pair of silver plated cufflinks in either white or black and initials as shown.

You can have fun mix and matching the English and Arabic letters of the alphabet with options that are shown here. Currently, we have one Arabic (classical) font style and one English (Typewriter) font style ready to go.

If you'd like another font style or colour for the letter/background to be used in the cufflink, we can do this for you for a surcharge (see Option 2). We are also open to other languages letters. Drop us a line first.

Option1: In this option, you have two choices - Black and white which you can mix and match if you like. Also, only one English (typewriter) font option and one Arabic (Classical) font option to choose from. Dhs. 135

Option2 :For this variation, you can send us the font style in English/Arabic or any other language that you'd like us to use. You can also choose from the select colour options shown. Dhs. 150 (Note that while we will try to accommodate your request, we may not have all the font styles on our laptop but could be open to suggest similar options in case that happens).

The photos are just representations of what’s possible.

They are an absolute classic. And a perfect wedding or birthday gift, might we add! The designs shown just give you the idea of what kind of colours and finishes are possible. All our products are made in the UAE itself to keep the strict quality control protocol.

How to order:
- Drop us a line on what are the initials
- Once all is decided, you'll place the order.

***Corporate orders above 100 pairs and whole sale orders in the metal of your choice are welcome. Please drop us a line first.***