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Hamsa(Hand of Fatima) a protective sign. It brings its owner happiness, luck, health, and good fortune.
The earliest known appearance of the Hamsa was in ancient Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq area). Here it could be seen in the amulets worn by certain female goddesses. From there, it’s theorized it spread to Egypt as a two-finger amulet representing Osiris and Isis. It then began spreading to different religions in several different forms- including Buddhism and Hinduism.

fiery spark of the Basalt Stone(Lava) meaning comes from its origins, which started from molten lava that solidified quickly under intense heat and pressure. Containing the intense power of volcanoes, use Basalt as your spirit guide, that wise voice on your shoulder giving you the gift of infinite wisdom it has gained from the earth and its many transformations over millions and millions of years. The Basalt Stone meaning was created out of destruction and chaos, so it knows a thing or two about thriving in harsh conditions. Use its power to anchor you to the earth, an excellent healing aid when you're faced with major life changes.
An effective mood stabilizer in the world of gemstones, Basalt softens the edges of cynicism by cleansing your aura of negativity. Whenever you feel dark clouds taking over your naturally sunny disposition, sit in quiet meditation with the Basalt crystal meaning and get ready to fire up the engines of your higher consciousness, a magical spring of energy that comes from a cleansed and activated crown chakra

.Amazonite Healing Energy
❤ Wonderfully soothing stone: calms the brain & nervous system
❤ Premiere stone for protection against EMF (electromagnetic pollution)
❤ Soothes emotional trauma - alleviates worry and fear
❤ Excellent for developing intuition & deeper spiritual practices
❤ Healing stone for your Heart Chakra (4th Chakra) and Throat Chakra (5th Chakra)

All of our bracelets are strung on latex free imported elastic cord.
All Bracelets are made to fit average size wrist of &inches, please contact me if you need a diffierent size.