UOC Himalayan Salt Globe Cable Lamp ( multi-colored light )


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This is UOwnCalmness Himalayan Salt Globe Shape Cable Lamp (multi-colored). When you buy this circle light, it is like getting a piece of mountain (which is around 200 million years old) in its original n purest form for yourself. Imagine how much positive energy it will create on your working desk or side table!

In addition to the benefits of the Himalayan Salt Lamp, due to its circular shape, this globe Salt Lamp brings into your surroundings the energy of clarity, preciseness, freshness and equality. The round shape activates your energy and keeps it going; it is a very active energy, even though expressed in a subtle way. No wonder according to Feng Shui experts all Himalayan Salt Lamps are 'Favorite and best Lighting’!

Buy UOwnCalmness Himalayan Salt Lamp and be a proud owner of the only Himalayan lamp which won the prestigious “Index Dubai Award” in the lightning category. UOC: UOwnCalmness salt products are the purest salt due to the fact that, from the selection of craftsmen, location of the mine till the completed product, the whole process is cherry picked by us and done under our supervision. You can be assured of best price and quality for yourself.
We not only have a full range of standard salt products, UOC has introduced exclusive and customized new shapes which you will not find anywhere else. So, you are guaranteed about the authenticity, genuineness, uniqueness and quality when you buy this piece of nature (which is like 200 million years old) for your room, home, office or gift.
These lamps are known for:
• purifying the air around them which are an aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly alternative to functional appearance of air purifiers
• The soft natural glow helps lower stress and anxiety
• Supplying negative ions which are believed to help, or relieve the symptoms to varying effect, people who suffer from respiratory conditions (e.g. allergies, asthma, hay fever etc) in several ways
• Speleotherapy – different salt therapies to improve general health and provide greater energy, alertness, happiness and productivity
• Removing adors from the surrounding air.
• The quantity of negative ions released by a salt lamp and area it covers depends on how big it is.

Since it is 100% natural, each piece is unique and can differ in size, color and weight.