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4U Shoes
hand made customized shoes. we can write and draw any conceptual desired design or even name on the shoes. Also we design shoes with accessories in unique way.
A-E Greek Inspirations
A-E Greek Inspirations offers a variety of accessories, which are inspired by the Greek lifestyle; ancient and modern. For our accessories, we use various semi-precious stones including agate, labradorite, amethyst, citrine , coral, mother of pearl, hematite, lapis lazuli, malachite and many more. With affordable prices, you can wear a beautiful piece and turn any simple outfit to a glamorous one. Since all crystals and gemstones come from Mother Earth, they have energy fields and spiritual powers, which create a connection with humans.Every handmade piece is unique, made with great passion and devotion, evident by the detailed crafting. This is all about Greek Inspiration . *Every product is unique, therefore each item is limited to one piece.
A. Dollicious
Handmade, heirloom rag dolls, cushions, pacifier clips, party decorations
Alexander McNabb
Alexander McNabb writes thriller novels set in the Middle East and further afield. You can buy copies of his paperback books here, shipped to the comfort of your home to curl up on a sofa and enjoy. You can also order author-signed copies or even signed and dedicated books as unique, truly personal and thoroughly enjoyable gifts!
Amos by Barbara Fotiadis
Amos beachwear is a new brand created for beach and sun lovers. The collection is simple yet colorful, vibrant and functionally funky with its waterproof lining for the bags and pouches and soft and high quality cotton for its kaftans. The creations embody the simple spirit of a walk along the beach.
This Premium Camel leather handbag has been hand-stitched to perfection. Offering the finest quality soft leather in a vast selection of color choices to fit your style. Each bag is completely waterproof, made with 100% natural materials and can be customized with your initials to add a personal touch.
Art N Style
Art N Style has a unique collection of Fluid Art work including paintings Jewelley Home Accents Resin Work We aim to create beautiful and bespoke pieces for your walls,consoles etc Perfect gift for your loved one's Happy to accomodate any customization
Art Slippers
We are a group of master artisans, making beautiful handmade slippers. We combine the age-old Kyrgyz tradition of wool felting with modern design and only use natural silk and merino wool in our designs. All of our products are 100% handmade with love, care and the soul of our master artisans. Due to the unique characteristics of the wool, our slippers can be worn all year round! In the winter, the wool retains heat and keeps your feet warm. In the summer, the all-natural wool allows your feet to breathe and keeps your feet comfortable against the hard ground without overheating Merino wool can maintain the best microclimate for humans. In case of perspiration, wool effectively absorbs and wicks away moisture while remaining dry. The surprising feature of merino wool is its ability neutralize the smell of sweat, even with continuous wear Our slippers will start your day off on the right foot - their colorful designs catch the eye and are a bright way to start any day All of our products are 100%... More
Cutting paper is every child's dream. I guess I have not yet grown up. Cutting paper is an ancient Indian art. This is called Sanjhi art.It is a truly unique craft form that features exquisite designs and intricate picture motifs, cut into paper. I have tried giving a twist to the traditional art by giving lighting in the background.
Handmade home decor, All items has been hand painted and crafted so expect some imperfection as this is the beauty of the handmade. each item is Unquie so yo9u migth get same color frame but different paint as it is depends on the artist taste.
Bags of the Future
Bags of the Future is a Dubai-based company offering a wide range of high quality custom made reusable bags made from jute, cotton and juco (a jute/cotton mix). Our products are sustainable, strong, durable and eco-friendly, with non-toxic dyes used for printing. Corporate orders available, designed to exact specifications. MOQ for corporate order is 500 pieces.
Bait Zait
Bait Zait Limited is a small Business company with a profound passion towards natural raw and organic materials appointed to produce a health skin care products. This natural alternative solution will not only provide a health benefits to us as a human beings, it also shares the responsibility towards our earth and protects our environment, so we make all our products biodegradable and chemical free. The ingredients are blended with best practice organic methods to insure the quality and preserve the goodness of the oils, herbs and extracts.
Baking charms
Baking charms is your place for an adorable, unique personalized gift for your beloved ones or even just for you:) each Mug is made with LOVE, FUN, annnd "MAGIC" ;) Handmade mugs using clays
Bebe Coco Organic
Our clothes are made from premium 100% ORGANIC BAMBOO& COTTON sourced from biologically clean plantations both toxin and GMO free. Soft, breathable hypoallergenic and antibacterial. All our apparel is ideal for your baby’s sensitive and gentle skin. Everything we create is based on LOVE, PASSION and EXPERIENCE, enjoying life as mother and daughter. What do we care about the most? Details to keep your baby SAFE, COZY and FASHIONably ELEGANT. Because we believe our babies deserve the best.
Functional, Fun & Stylish Nursing Covers (Handmade) We believe in nursing on the "Go" and our covers are designed to provide mummies the freedom and privacy to nurse in public comfortably. No more awkward shielding with shawls, swaddles and blankets! We offer a gorgeous array of modern, fun and traditional prints to suit everyone. Our covers are classified into 3 categories. Standard, Premium and Limited Edition. Limited Edition prints are more premium and "whilst stocks last". All Nursing Covers are one size fits all, and are 100% cotton. Each cover is lined for a more comfortable feel during wear. The neckline of this Nursing Cover has a flexible boning allowing airflow for baby, and Mommy to maintain eye contact or easily view baby while nursing. An adjustable straps with double D rings allows Mommy to modify the neckline to a comfortable fit. A beautiful nursing cover is the perfect shower gift for new moms planning to breastfeed. Especially so if it's handmade and unique. Extras: comes... More
Belle Belle Crafts
Belle Belle Crafts is dedicated to producing beautiful, unique and bespoke gifts for any occasion or sentiment. All items are handmade with love to order, and can be personalised to your requirements. If you cannot find what you are looking for please message me so I can bring your ideas to life. Many thanks, Georgina “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” William Morris
Bio Kernel Organic and Dermatological Moroccan Beauty
Bio Kernel Company holding a DED licenses for Cosmetics Trading LLC, Certified by The UAE Municipilaty to be Labled 100% Certified organic and Dermatological Brand, made by Certified Dermatological Laboratory, our scope is an Organic And Dermatological Full Line for full care, reintroduce the Moroccan heritage in advanced Dermatological Formuls.based on Argan oil and mixed with other luxury Natural Organic potent ingredients for rapid visibe results
Blooming Basket
Blooming Basket General Trading LLC is engaged in preserved flower arrangements. Preserved flowers are real flowers that went through preservation process which allowed the flowers freshness and suppleness to be kept for a long time without losing its beauty. Our keen knowledge of preserved flowers has helped develop solutions that answer the needs of today's clients. We believe that Blooming Basket will be an excellent fit for your company, and we would like to explore possible collaborations with you and make use of our preserved flower arrangements to address your floral arrangements requirement in a more simplified, practical and economical way.
BoHo Candles
BoHo Candles are natural, biodegradable, scented and colourful candles. All BoHo candles are poured by hand and composed of 100% natural soy wax without pesticides. BoHo Candles offers lots of colours and great fragrances, all without CMR. Your BoHo Candle can be personalised as to colour and available scent. BoHo Candles is eco-friendly: your empty glasses/containers or containers that you really love can be refilled. So no more waste… BoHo Candles are non-toxic clean burning soy wax candles. Soy wax candles are simply better for you and your environment. Just enjoy! Please contact me with any additional question you have regarding your BoHO Candle. Feedback is always welcome!
Artisans across the mountainous Himalayan region have limited exposure to showcase their art . The aim is to provide them an International platform for showcasing their products and also help them earn a decent livelihood. The pieces of art are all handmade and in many case recycled leather is also used .
Butterfly in a Box
We specialise in thoughtful, affordable and unique gift sets for ladies in the UAE - our gift boxes are personalised with their own mug design and choice of soaps, socks and other items. Each box is made to order and handmade by myself making no two boxes the same.
Button Shoes
We all at some point in our lives had an affection with buttons. Buttons have been used in many different ways in fashion since they first appeared on clothing in Germany around the 13th Century. The history on the handmade button shoes started in Thailand over 25yrs ago by Madam Siree, the inventor of these types of matching colorful buttons on several types of shoes The buttons we use on our shoes are special types of buttons, exclusively made for us. The design and cut is done in a much studied way, where it will fit on the shoes on same levels and heights. Each pair of shoes can take anything from three hours to two full days of work to be ready for display. This is why we consider each and every shoe as a piece of Art.
Turn your photos to personalized canvas prints with Our photos on canvas are looks beautiful to decorate your home and office. A perfect gift idea, A gift that will bring tears to your family and friends eyes -the good one. With our easy unique online system, you can turn your very own image into a stunning work of art. and you can upload your photos from any device or directly from your Facebook or Instagram account. With creative products like photo collage, or photo mosaic or even customized wall display prints art, you will bring memories to life .
100% Natural Cotton Sustainble Products Handmade with Love All our quilts/blankets are handmade using soft organic muslin cloth, naturally sourced eco- friendly vegetable colour dyes and home grown soft natural cotton help to keep you cosy while allowing your skin to breathe. Each color pattern is stamped individually onto the fabric. The process takes skill and time, as the pattern must be stamped repeatedly across the fabric, color by color creating unique signature style. These products are 100% safe, easily washable and never create any sort of skin irritation. Excellent texture, soft feeling and attractive reversible designs. We proud to say our blankets are " Soft as cloud, light as Air, warm as Hug." Our Vision is to bring back the relevance and beauty of handmade natural products to the modern world. More
The Clown Fish signature products combine history and tradition with a contemporary style, made unique by bespoke details and personalized touch. Each single product is the result of the constant pursuit of excellence, an iconic mark of quality and handcrafted heritage. The brand represents luxury to the highest degree and this can be seen from the superior craftsmanship to the detailed designs in the interior of all products. It is a brand that combines design, function and craftsmanship into perfect harmony - something that is not seen in mainstream brands that are much more "Logo" driven.
It's gift hamper company with an aim to providing personalized, visually impressiveand functional gifts for all occasions. Instagram @cooriginality
Coloredstones is a online based store, involved with fashion and accessories, combine the latest fashion trend and personalisation items; high quality and fast delivery, it is a good place to shop for gifts and yourself.
Covert Couture
All our pieces are created with love and passion; the styles are ready to wear, timeless, fashionable and affordable. They can be worn day and evening making Covert Couture a staple for your wardrobe; all our designs are produced in the UAE. At Covert Couture we understand that all women are individual and unique; as is our brand. Therefore we have made the decision to limit the number of pieces available in each line, each season will give you a limited edition piece not available in any other outlet, we do not believe in mass production. Covert Couture believes in quality over quantity. We want you to “Say who you are without speaking…” in Covert Couture. The founders of Covert Couture Chené Loots-Hussain and Sabina Sarwar, both understand the demands on today's women, whether it's working or looking after a family each aspect of a woman's life is demanding and often we are spinning many plates at the same time. We believe every woman deserves to feel special and comfortable in what she wears and more... More
Craft By Two
Craft By two is a family run business that specializes in Hand Crafted Industrial and Rustic home decors. Our product range include Industrial Lighting, Pallet Furniture and Slogan Boards.