Zahara Skincare is an organic and natural skin care brand that is the brainchild of Zahara Nedou. The brand boasts about selling products which contain zero chemicals, are 100% natural, no animal testing, organically grown and harvested. The products are based on age-old family recipes from traditional Kashmiri & Arab beauty regimes.

All or most of the raw materials that go into making the products are grown on the family farms or are procured from certified organic farms in Kashmir and the Middle East. Zahara Skin care believes that everyone should have the chance and opportunity to consume organic products and say no to harmful chemicals!

As part of the company policy each consumer who buys the product is contributing to giving back to the under privileged of the valley through various programmes working towards educations / healthcare/ housing . We assure that we never compromise on our quality and our products are attracting a positive response from our customers both in India as well as the UAE and soon we will be available in New York too. Our product line keeps growing as for now we range from face oils to scrubs to body creams with competitive pricing.